Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Last month of Rarified framing!

Hi everyone,

I'm writing to let you know that this will be the last month of Rarified as a framing business.

I am moving on to my design label Samitomoto and the Samitomoto drawing game full time from mid May 2011. I will be taking in last framing orders for the next two weeks if you would love my design eye to elevate your art!

As a result I have all the framing equipment for sale, enough to set up a small shop or home studio for $6000.

I'm also selling the gorgeous she-oak counter from Rarified for offers above $2000, it is a lovely collector's piece.

I will no longer be running the Rarified email list, so if you'd like to sign up to the Samitomoto email list and stay in touch, please do so here.

I'd like to say a BIG thank you to all of you for supporting me through the six years of Rarified the shop and one year of transitioning between entrepreneurial projects! So many of you have become close friends and I'm so grateful for your support of Rarified and I over the years!

I still have a lot of left over stock from Rarified for sale, I shall add it here over the next two weeks.

Please give me a call on 02 6257 4270 if you are interested in any equipment or stock.

Best wishes,

Sam Simpson-Morgan

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rarified December News!

Hi All,

There’s still time to book in your Christmas framing!

It's been an amazing four months since Rarified Dickson closed its doors.

I am loving the personal feel of running my framing design studio from home and am thrilled that you have kept the support in Rarified and I very strong!

Please know that every dollar you spend at Rarified goes back into building my new design label Samitomoto, which in turns helps create products that help people to have more creative fun! So it's an amazing joint project and I truly appreciate you all helping me to move forward in this new journey!

There's still time to book your framing in before Christmas, yet please hurry as time is running out. If you have art you'd love to elevate with framing, please phone me soon on 6257 4270 to book your appointment. I'd love to help you!

Samitomoto Drawing Game

As part of my new design label Samitomoto, I have been busy developing a drawing game!

The Samitomoto Drawing Game is launching on the 16th December 2010. It is a fun, non competitive card game designed to help you to have creative fun drawing and to get into creative flow. It is designed for creative spirits from 8-80 years old!

Curious to know more? Become a fan of Samitomoto on facebook to receive product updates and news. Interested in the launch? We have some limited spaces available- please email me if you'd love to be included.

If you'd love to purchase a pack of the Samitomoto Drawing Game, phone me on 6257 4270 or email me at ssm@rarified.com.au. The games retail for $19.95 each. The Samitomoto website will go live in the next week and I look forward to sharing it with you!

In the meantime you can read the Samitomoto story here

As you can see I've been a very busy creative entreprenenur and I thank you for all your support and for your belief in me!


Samantha Simpson-Morgan

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Samitomoto Magnet Boards

My new design label Samitomoto is all about sparking creative fun and inspiration!

It's core is a range of funky and sleek magnetic vision boards that I've designed and manufactured.

Become a fan of Samitomoto on facebook and find out more here . I've started a drawing group there also, so anyone who loves to draw on a weekly theme is welcome to join in the fun!

The 30 x 60 cm magnet boards retail for $75 each, they are made from powder coated zinc. They are also available in 60 x 90 cm. Each board comes with five super strong and sleek little stainless steel magnets. To order phone 02 6257 4270. We are also looking to wholesale to retailers and the online shop is coming very very soon!

Use them as vision boards, notice boards, mood boards or inspiration boards!

What's on your Samitomoto board?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Using colour when framing

This is a simply delightful framing job that I recently finished for a simply delightful client!

It's so wonderful when clients trust my colour sense, as through us both working as a team, magic may well result! The results here are wonderful.

Pictured are two works by Canberra design label Schmooks. Claire of Schmooks work is so delicate, playful and intricate, we chose to keep the frames consistent, in a creamy white box frame and to vary the matt colurs, so that each one was separate yet linked together as a whole.

For the pink image we chose a dusty pink outer matt and a warm white inner matt, to tone with the pink in the image and help it to stand out. The other Schmooks print pictured has a background of blue and so we chose to leave the blue alone in the framing and selected very soft matts of warm white outer and salmon pink inner to keep the image soft. These works, although different in colour can now hang happily as a set, linked by their frames.

The other image pictured showed how a childs art can be absolutely elevated with clever framing! A striking child's art piece image in red and purple, was given a fun twist by choosing a red inner matt with a creamy white outer matt and then framing the piece in a funky purple frame- the resulting colour just sings!

Buy Claire's work here

Monday, August 16, 2010

Rarified Framing House welcomes you and your art!

Hello everyone!

Well the move from Dickson to Downer was epic, but it's now complete!

We are now taking bookings for custom framing your beautiful art. We have decided to waive the booking/appointment fee, so give us a call and book your framing in!

The new Rarified is smaller, yet more personal, authentic and creative. Plus, the parking is free and you get Sam's undivided attention and design eye!

Pictured here is one of the two new consult areas, the 'cool colour zone'. It's a great example of what can be done with clever framing and a good hanging system. I would love every landlord in Canberra to install these systems! They leave the wall blemish free and offer great opportunities to display and rotate art collections easily and safely.

We sell this system, so if you'd like a quote on installing one in your home, give us a call!

And we also sell and design framed mirrors, perfect for introducing more light into a space and lovely to reflect your garden inside your home!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Final two hour sale of excess stock this Friday 23rd July!

Final sale of offcuts and excess stock! I've decided to hold one last sale in the Dickson Rarified space to clear things out at rock bottom prices, to save me moving any more and give you the chance to score a Rarified bargain!!

This Friday 23rd July, I will open the space from 10-12pm, cash only!

The space is rough and dismantled, but the prices are amazing!

All ready made frames $5 each! All framed stock left, $20-$50 each! Scrap pieces of matt board and foamcore (most larger than A3) $2 each- great for creative kids! All prints are half price and yes, there are Tintin prints!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Last week of Rarified Dickson- we are moving!

It's the last week of Rarified Dickson, before we move!

To put everyone’s mind at rest, I thought I’d put up answers to the questions I’ve been asked over the last few weeks, since announcing the Rarified move. I hope this helps to clarify things.

Are you closing the business?

No, I am not closing Rarified! I am moving it to a home business in Downer, so that I can continue to focus on creating beautiful and personal framing design and craftsmanship for you, without crushing overheads. This will also allow me to open an online shop and to build my new design label- Samitomoto.

Why are you moving?

The world has changed since the financial crisis and the growth of the internet. I see the strong trend continuing of artisan businesses moving online and away from commercial premises, to allow them to grow, reach wider markets and flourish!

When are you moving?

The Dickson Rarified doors close on Saturday 17th July at 1.30pm. All this last week, all stock is on sale at 25% off the marked price! Come and get a bargain!

Appointments will start at Downer the following Thursday, Friday and Saturday, phone us on 6257 4270 for a booking!

Where are you going to?

I’m moving Rarified to an appointment only home design studio in Downer. Our contact number will stay the same, so once you book an appointment I will email you the address. I look forward to seeing you at the new form of Rarified!

Will you still be taking in custom framing?

Yes! I remain committed to designing beautiful framing that elevates your art and to delivering a high quality craftsmanship finish. Phone us for an appointment!

What is your new venture?

My new label Samitomoto is a label of products that help you to develop your creativity and to stay inspired! The first range of products is a range of funky magnet boards that you can currently purchase from Rarified and soon from our online shop! Curious to know more? Join our email list or phone for more information!

I am also planning the most beautiful and rare range of ready made frames in the world- also to be sold through Rarified and online and available at select retail boutiques- just a modest little aim!

Plus the online shop will sell a select range of funky and beautifully framed prints, just as you’ve come to expect from Rarified.

How will it work?

Phone us on 6257 4270 and book an appointment. Appointments will cost $75 per hour, for design advice, yet once the framing is booked in we will waive the design fee. That way if you just want to engage me for framing design advice- you can and this allows me to honour my design expertise and experience!

What are the benefits for me?

You get Sam’s expert framing eye and creativity, in an exclusive appointment, without interruptions and in a calm, creative and inspired space. Come and share a cup of tea and talk art and design with me! Plus, if you join the Rarified email list, you also get access to exclusive promotions and offers!

I look forward to continuing the Rarified journey with you! If you want to say goodbye to the Dickson space, this is your last week!

* Image copyight Samantha Simpson-Morgan 2010. Buy anything from Rarified this week and receive this drawing as a greeting card as a gift! See Sam's drawing blog here.